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At Home

Glazing Solutions Tailored To The Home Environment

Lordswood at Home is dedicated to providing the discerning British home owner with the very best products, combining style and performance without compromise.

What is Lordswood at Home?

Lordswood at Home offers aluminium architectural glazing systems for windows and doors designed to meet the demands of the domestic market. Our approach to residential solutions offer the same renowned high-quality aluminium product and support service supplied to the top end of the commercial sector.

What is available within the product range?

Comfort, security, architectural design and energy-efficiency are essential elements in the development of Lordswood at Home products. Aluminium is one of the most versatile building materials available and Lordswood aluminium has many benefits, including a high recycled content; long lifespan; low maintenance and; high thermal efficiency with new thermal break technology. Aluminium is amenable to bespoke designs that create unique, highly efficient and beautiful homes using one of today’s most durable and sustainable materials.