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Fire Products

Lordswood Architectural offers a complete range of 30 minute and 60 minute fire resistant aluminium systems, compliant with European standards. The fire product range offers innovative fire resistant window, door and curtain walling solutions, based on our popular CS 77 window and CW 50 curtain wall products. The new fire products give a visual match to our non-fire rated products and can be easily integrated with our other product ranges.

Fire products offer:

  • A safe escape route for a time frame of either 30 or 60 minutes (depending on the system used), allowing safe evacuation
  • Limited temperature increase (30 or 60 minutes) protecting people in other areas of the building
  • Restricted fire spread, gaining valuable time for the arrival of the emergency services
  • Increased protection for surrounding buildings
  • Lordswood Architectural are a certified and approved supplier ensuring optimum performance and safety
  • Short lead times – our aluminium fire products will typically save 6-8 weeks from order to delivery when compared to steel